Marriage Is A Lonely Place

Hi I have been married forever. It is feeling like the bad times together are out weighing the good times. Our sex life ended a few years ago when he got sick. He is better now but things never got back on track. I miss that a lot.
Patricia76 Patricia76
4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

How do you cope with this situation? What do you do to help make your life better? I know what you mean & am trying to cope.

I know what you mean about the bad times outweighting the good times.<br />
Sometimes I wonder if the good times really existed or if were they so good like I try to remember them.

You and hubby on the routine symdrom and do not know it. Try to remember places, things that made each of you happy and excited, and go do it again. Sometime scheduling a park walk, movie, dinner is great.

I hope things way or another. You will see a lot of people on here...both man and women alike in similar boats... different circumstances...<br />
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