I Love My Son

hi man I'm so lonely , iv been married now for going on to 12 years . I don't know when but after our son was born my wife started pushing me away in little things at first , i am a very hands on person i love hugging and kissing i need to feel my partner close to me when i would go to hug her she would feel cold at first i thought it was the birth or she was tired . i help allot with our son nursing him at night and after work i played with him every chance i had , but my wife if any thing got colder, his 11 years old now and means the world to me , iv moved out of our room 7 years ago and live in the pair room , i cant think of leaving at this time as to be a part time dad would kill me so i hang in there , my wife and me get on OK but there's just no love there and I'm getting so lonely not so much for sex but just to hold some one again to lay and cuddle to feel warmth again , Friends that know my situation say go see a prostitute or escort but i cant its just not me i need to feel something for the person i know that does not sound like a man and male Friends laugh when i say that , but sex to me is interment , i would love to find some one that shares my situation,
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010