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 I have been married for 21 years and the first ten were very normal, as what is classed. As a normal marriage between a man and wife. Even with my wife being a diabetic and all that, go with it. Then she got sick from gangrene and almost die. But she is, doing good now, The only trouble is, due to my childhood abuse.  When I was younger and  has I help her over two years. Recalling things I had learn over them years.
 I begain to feel, I was in the wrong clothes for what I was doing, like in my past. When I was helpping my grandparents or doing housework. I was made to wear female clothes and I got very down and found it harder and harder to help her and do as I should.  I got a therapist to help and she said go ahead and put on female clothes. For I was really in no state to help my wife and my wife said she  was ok with it, knowing a bit about my  background. Only now, that she is well and is better due to having her stomach staple in the second year. Which gove her less pounds to carry and more and better clothes to wear. It change her,  she does what she wants and uses the house like an hotel. She works and sees her family and friends. I work and do all in the house. which I can only do now, in the female clothes. So its like, all the other way round now and her being a debetic its now a sexless marriage too. I am lost, with no one to chat too. any one the same and like to chat?

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Sorry, that you haven't gotten any comment. But, I find the situation a little odd. Seems like your wife is living her life and you are having identity issues. Maybe, its time to switch therapist. <br />
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And, I am not sure if you are saying now that your wife is lossing weight and getting new clothes it will be hard for you to wear her clothes?<br />
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No one is forcing you to wear females clothes, right? I presume you are working outside the home too, right?<br />
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If it is the sexless issue, then welcome to EP.

i maybe taking my stories off, over 200 have read them and no real comments, no one wishing to chat. I think, they read them for there own kicks, than care about the person that wrote them.

Intelpavil, I hear you hon, and understand what your life was and is like, and would like to chat with you and wish you all the best!!

All the Best