Married And Loney

hi my name is fizz, I am 34 ,married with 2 kids.
had a like/arranged marriage at the age of 21.
however have never been able to get my hubby to make me a priority,let alone his 1st.
I migrated to another country to give things ago there but had no choice but to return home to london.
hubby followed on.although he wanted to be here till date all me and my kids here is how much he misses his family and wished he hadn't come here.his parents have come over nearly every second year and stayed for 6 months at a time,and we to have visted them.
However they have caused for my marriage to breakdown by continously interferring to the point that my hubby it wasn't acceptable for him to sit/lay with me,my mum in law is an secretive lady whom even went to the point to tel him when he can have a time of intamacy. They allowed there son to accumalate big debts from which neither my kids nor I got a penny.
he is also very sectetive on his accounts,wages,phone,calls,private talks with his mum at odd hours.
3years ago I became very very I'll,and today I am fighting for my life literally,however he h
doesn't help me financially, emotionally,physically.
I work to keep my home afloat and to provide for my girls and my medical.
his behaviour is as such I don't care.
He invites guests into our smll 2 bed flat and forces me to use all my money to entertain, whilst being critically ill.
we do nothing but argue and with what myself and the kids are going through we don't need this mental torture and insensitivity.
hence I am lonely,no one to care,talk or share things,or even enjoy my company.
this is just the outline.
fizzical fizzical
4 Responses Aug 12, 2010

It's hard to deal with but t is yours to deal with, stop being a victim, you can blame him his mom your friends whatever but it still won't change anything nothing will change until you decide that depite everything you are challenged with "things will change" and everyone can either get on board with that or get out of your way. It is not easy to change your life but wake up waiting for others to do it for you is not a valid option. Hang in there and keep trying and I promise things will change eventually if YOU keep trying to change them

If only I could! Anything that I say or do wrong, I have lost my friends as I am a liability,they would have drop me home etc... my friends like my hubby have gone as far as to say we are sick of you being sick its normal for you and we have no time.<br />
my family are also selfish, and my hubby has caused far to many problems between me and them with a new one created last week.<br />
my physical well being has lost me everything. <br />
My kids are my only supporters and I am out of ideas on what I can do with them and as I need the money I have no option to keep working. Its really hard to have all this to deal with. <br />
Anyways thank you for your thought,its a caring thing to do.<br />

Thank you Fun2blunatic, I have a terminal illness which is progressive and very rare.<br />
I am also partially blind and I still work as well as dealing with my home,kids,illness,and a insensitive, user of a hubby. We don't have anything in common at all,no exaggeration. Thankyou for lending a shoulder.<br />

It's not right that he does these things to you.And his mother has no right either.It seems you have alot of things going on in your life with you being ill.I do hope things will get better for you.