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My husband had to leave for a month for training. Now, a month isn't very long, but when the person leaving is someone that you feels like a really long time. My problem is that I miss him like crazy, but he doesn't care about how nuts I'm going here all by myself with only myself to talk to (I have a shyness problem and no friends). Also, it really bothers me that he doesn't even miss me! He's over there having fun and hanging out with his classmates...when I'm stuck here..and he doesn't care. I just don't understand..

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1 Response Mar 16, 2008

Honey, I understand your frustrations. But if you want to being able to start living your life without having to wait around for your husband to come home and being so dependent on him for your happiness you need to find something to do. Do some volunteer work, join a book club, join a pilates class (you'll be all toned and lean and your man would like wow, honey you look great!). Find ways to enrich your life and your well being during your husband's absences. (I know you mentioned being shy, do you have any friends that you could go do things with, join with? That may make it easier for you?) <br />
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I do know what you are going through. My husband leaves every Monday and comes back home every Friday Night and He is now my weekend husband. It gets pretty lonely. But I try to keep myself busy, go run errands, have friends and family stop by, work, go to events with friends.....just because you're married doesn't mean you have to wait around for him to come home in order to live your life.<br />
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Good luck! :) HUGS