I Am Totally Freaking Sad About Our Marriage!

I am indeed always talking and talking about this marriage stuff. But I am really sad about things. Our relationship didn't grow. We got married who barely doesn't know each other. I feel this anxious thing all over my body, the time I got into it. It makes me sad that I am the one who is ruining our marriage. I cant handle it. I want to live happily with him, but it seems my mind is now USELESS. I feel sorry for him. I feel sorry because he got married with the wrong girl who knows nothing. =( I am always praying to GOD to take me. I dont want to loose him, but I cant change!
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Never thought two people can be sitting in the same boat! Truly hope that you sort out your difficulties, can understand how difficult it is. No where to run no where to hide. I understand how you cant talk to anyone you know cause they are will choose a side your husbands or yours and all you want to know is where to put your foot next. I wish you all the luck my friend I truly dont wish this on anyone!

It does not sound like you are very dependent -- dependence does not only mean dealing with things on your own but also knowing when you need help my friend. Either way you have made the first step towards fixing things -- you know your faults (being quiet) so open up, try to find commmon interest with your husband... and if you didnt get along with him, then why did you marry him -- in my opnion not very dependent of you.. :/ I am not trying to put you down or anything just replying on your words... What causes you to not get along with him.. it takes two to tango -- is he also feeling the same way like you?<br />
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I feel as though you have other issues that do not include your husband but are more focused on you... changing is difficult (as I have been through that process myself) but if you want it for you NOT for your husband then the only ay you can do it, is one step at a time.. face your issue and talk to your husband because if he loves you he will want to listen and help you through what ever difficulty you might be facing.<br />
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Speak soon

Hello there, <br />
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how long have you been married for?<br />
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You can not blame things on yourself :/ there is a reason for EVERYTHING -- a ying 2 A Yang :D<br />
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Why are you ruining your marriage? Stop asking God to take you and ask to help you -- by taking you, you are just running away from the true problem. <br />
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Talking is key to EVERYTHING <br />
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Speak soon and cheer up!

I am married for about 8 months...but I didn't get along with him.
I am so quite most of the time, and I realize how, stupid I am. I cant really talk to people thoroughly. I dont know "aloneintheUK"....i feel wanna cry because of this thing! I am so childish and uselss. I really wish someone could take me away. Yeah, i am running away because I cant solve this problem. I am too dependent....If you only knew. You would act the same way as my husband!