Its My Fault...

In a downward spiral in my life. Not really talking to my wife much. She doesnt respect me anymore. Even sexually, i know i am a disappointment. I couldnt perform and now, we dont try. Sometimes i think we should try counseling. She could probably use someone to talk to, too. Someone who isnt her biased for or against me. But i havent the gumption or money to try.
christophermcdouglas christophermcdouglas
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Hang in there I've walked in those shoes myself, don't give up you two look good together

I will do all i can fir you both, sorry to read this

Please....been there...conquered that. Our marriage was on life support 8 years ago. You will need to man up to defeat this one. At the same time you will need to free her to explore with you. Work on improving yourself. You can't change anybody who does not want to change. <br />
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I had performance issues several years ago but the truth was, it was not my ****, it was my mind. I was bored with ******* her as the sex acts were completely predictable and routine. Sex is 99% mental for both woman and men. You need to work on yourself and change up your game if you want to stay with her. You also need to force the sex agenda to take a new direction. Be bolder, be dirtier. When your ******* her and about to ***, pull out and shoot your load on her face. She will be pissed and angry but you will feel ******* great and she will know who the man is.....and want it again despite her protests. Make her feel like a ***** when you get to the bedroom, if she is not responding to the nice guy loving husband approach. The days of making love are few and far between currently and rarely do I miss them. It has been forced into submission by a more carnal act of *******, with lots of fantasy thrown in to make her MIND and her ***** respond to your lustful acts. Do not accept the status quo! <br />
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Otherwise you can be passive and end up her ***** which for many, is actually a joy. Different strokes for different folks. Get off the fence and do something with her before someone else does.

This is a tough position to be in. It's almost a no win.

Have you and your wife tried to go out and do something exciting in public that is romantic? Kiss and mess with her in public, get the thrill going, set a romantic place in the woods by a stream. Do something that would put her in all. Grab her and kiss her passionitly out of the blue and tell her you love her and walk away. Good luck my friend!