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Got Glue?

Sex is the lubricant that eases the wear and tear of daily life.  It's the glue that binds a couple emotionally.  
1OHD 1OHD 51-55, M 21 Responses Apr 30, 2012

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very true

Not always THAT cut and dry. What if you began hot for each other than things changed. I know marriage has its flow and it changes as we do BUT what if you want more sizzle and no strings? Being a woman makes this harder..

Well I'm not exactly clear on what you mean "more sizzle and no strings" but some marriages, like mine, are essentially void of that emotional bond, thus no sex. Having "glue" in your marriage means it's where it needs to be physically in spite of the trials of daily living.

True words!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Once the emotion (heart) is gone from a marriage, it only makes sense that sex no longer happens. Thus a lack of sex in a marriage usually means one or both hearts are somewhere else.

So true! My hubby just doesn't get it : (

I'm so sorry PMc! As a guy, it's inconceivable to me why a husband would not WANT to meet the emotional & physical needs of his wife. But then again, not all wives want that from their husbands, like mine. Your hubby just doesn't know how fortunate he is!

It sure is...and why I am no longer married :-/

I'm sorry TTk, this seems to be epidemic in many marriages today! Thanks for reading & commenting! :)

I like your way of thinking. Maybe Elmer's is bankrupt at my house??

I understand. Maybe he'll show up again real soon. If not, go for Gorilla! :)

Lack of sex is the biggest symptom of a sick marriage.

That it is...

Hey! 10HD I'm 32 met my girl at 19 the first years were great sexually but know after 3 years she turned cold I don't know what happend she's 35 I believe this is our most sexual time but she just not interested in sex so as last year I don't beg any more for sex. I give credit to Willy51 and you for not cheating on your wifes. I have cheat on my GF but she pushed me to do it. We have built a great life together. We are not marry. We connected on every single level but sex died on her side I had talk to her about it but her reply was not clear at all. She told me that she didn't know what was going with her so far we have no kids and she doesn't want any. We are not married because she doesn't believe on that I give her everything So I don't know what by her problem is!! I'm too young to kill my sex life but I don't think I can live with out my Girl. We have so much together to just throw it away like that. I lover her with all my heart. She's my soulmate. We kiss and hug and have great conversations we do every thing together she say she loves me.

I say ******* is always better than fighting in any day !!!!!!! Or night lol

excellent point CC46! Thanks for reading and commenting!

I like some of that glue

yes, it is really wonderful! Thanks for reading and commenting!

I just wish my husband was still interested in me.

I do to Jeanne. I wish my wife was still interested in me, too. Thanks for reading and commenting. Stop by and visit the ole Hound any time!

who needs lube?

well djw1, I think the lube is the essential ingredient of the glue. Thanks for commenting!

OHD I apoligize- I was abit flipant above. I agree sex helps bind couples together,
Good reading! Thanks

no problem djw1, there is a couple of ways that you could look at this, I was just clarifying what I was thinking. Thanks for stopping by again!

Very well put and so true, my too long ex boyfriend we could have used vasts full he seemed to never like sex and i don't know when he had the time to cheat, so i am a born again virgin lol.

I'm so sorry jj39. That must have been a really difficult time for you. Maybe you'll find a guy that can't keep his hands off you real soon. You are too pretty to be lonely. Thanks for reading and commenting!

You are right 1OHD, but what to do if the glue is missing ?

Well BBF, assuming your married, all you can do is be the best husband you can possibly be, and make the decision to love your wife every morning when you awaken, in spite of all the shortcomings of your marriage, and hope and pray that a break through will occur that will allow the topic to be discussed, and progress made. If it’s been going on awhile, it’s gonna take awhile to rekindle. Those are the steps, as I see them. Living them, is my daily quest and sometimes daily hell, as I have not yet arrived. But the only thing in this situation that I can control is “my actions and my attitude” so that’s what I focus on. Best of luck to you BBF, just hang in there!

Thank you for your kind and helpful words, I will follow your advice to achieve a better environment in our marriage.

you’re welcome BBF. I wish you the best!

That's a good point. I agree with this 100%.

Well thank ya there OH! And thanks for commenting!

so simply stated, and so true! I tolerate a lot of things lacking in my relationship, but I really don't think I could tolerate no sex for very long. I understand that age and time change things in a relationship and people's sex drives diminish, but if a couple love each other they should try to do whatever it takes to maintain that sexual intimacy.

Exactly! I tried to tell my wife this...She is so stubborn.

Wholeheartedly agree LG! Thanks for commenting!

Oh yessssss.

Thanks for the affirmation, and for commenting!

Very well said HD!!!

Well thanks, Memphis!


Thanks for commenting Big Guy!