I am home alone all the time .. With my 4 yr old .. I need some companionship!

He is always too tired to do anything!
BluEyedAngel31 BluEyedAngel31
2 Responses May 7, 2012

im so sorry you feel alone i would love some advise or even a friend to talk to im a man who is 30 my wife is a bit younger with some emotional issues witch do not bother me at all i love to help her with everything im just getting done with college and am starting work full time i feel she has no interest in physical love anymore i know she loves me and finds me attractive but the only time we are intement i feel she really dosent want to be im lost and confused and don't know what to do she has mentioned me getting a girlfriend ( she used to be bi) and didn't care but then a couple days later she said she changed her mind plus i don't know if i would be hurting our love by doing so if you have any words of wisdom plz help

Blue add me I would love to chat with you