I have been with my husband for 7 months I stay at home all day with nothing to do my family stays more then an hour away.. and the only time that I have been truly happy was a month he went with out talking to his family.. I feel trapped everything we have or everything we do feels like it's done through his family. And how I feel never matters he prefers to go to his niece and nephew events regards of my feeling.When it comes to my family he thinks that taking me down there once every 2 months is enough And God for bid I ask him to spend a weekend down there he will never let it go he is still Bitching about what a waste of time it was down there last weekend. Also I just figured out 10 minutes ago that the respect he has for his family is not equal to me or my family... I just don't understand how he married me and still has not learn that I am his wife and I and my feelings should always come first.. Maybe he is slow.. help please
jenniloverichardson jenniloverichardson
1 Response May 11, 2012

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