Is It Better To Be Married And Unhappy? Or Alone And Unhappy?

Every sign tells me my husband doesn't love me.

I never get a complement. Praise or encouragement.
He never asks about the day to day of my life.
He never tells me he loves me.
We have not had any form of physical intamacy in years. In fact he can go weeks without even touching me.
I can't remember when he asked how I was. In fact never.
He is a writer and all his work is done at home in the home office and he works while I'm asleep and sleeps when I'm at work.
His computer, laptop and phone are all password protected.
(I have found past online affairs)

I'm so lonely.
I know I'll be lonelier single
whirlgirl whirlgirl
3 Responses May 12, 2012

I believe it's better to be alone and unhappy because if you're alone there is still hope. This is not a joke.

I don't know if he is abusive in other ways, but the mental abuse is some of the worst. It sounds as if you are already alone and a ghost to him anyway, make a life for yourself. As the others said church is major and the support of a good church family is wonderful. All I am saying is your already alone, why not take the next step. You may find that your not fading into the back ground but blooming in to a beautiful rose. Good luck in your adventure and may God bless...

I am so sorry you are going through this. I too battle with my marriage. I am now a very avid member of the church and I no longer feel lonely while I am at church. Once I come home the pain in my stomach sets in and I feel sad, so I pray, or do something positive. Its mothers day tomorrow and I am excited to visit my happy, and loving church family. Its sad that I feel more loved there, and at home I am a door mat. God bless you I wish you well.