We've Grown Apart

My husband and I are on two different planets. I can't talk to him...I have so many things in my life that I do not tell him...I have so many secrets that I keep from him. I thought I would marry my best friend, but often we are at adversaries. I miss affection and companionship. My husband travels a lot and I am frequently on my own. I feel like I am drifting through life without really living.
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1 Response May 13, 2012

Hey, u say there r so many things YOU dntr tell him and YOU hav many secrets dat YOU keep frm him. You kno u can fix dat right...I mean if ur the one dat doesn't communicate wit him there is not much he can do. Even tho he is away you can always text him or email him or call him every now nd again. <br /><br />
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Remember you also hav to make an effort. Trust me its worse when he is the one not communicating and u guys live together nd see each other everyday.