Stuck In A Hard Spot

To start I got married at the age of 18 and 10 years later got 4 kids and lonely but still married. My husband made me quit my job and stay home I am not allowed to talk to nobody unless they are family. His parents are rude and disrespectful to me and my husband doesn't do anything about it he just says well be nice it is my mom so i smile and just accept it. We go to their house for supper and they welcome my husband to a plate and the kids and i sit with nothing even if i am hungery and he will eat and stay almost all night when we get home I can go to fix myself something and he will start screaming why are you cooking we just had supper and I say because i am hungery you just had supper with the kids not me and he blows up saying stupid stuff to **** me off so I am too mad to eat. He lays his stuff around the house and forgets where its at I have to find it while he sits on his behind. I tend to the kids he will not. I have no family that will help me to leave him. I do love him. He is not physically abusive but is mentally at times but I can't live like this no more. Just don't know how to get out with my kids. My kids will straight out tell people its fun when daddy is at work. Just needing some advise. I can't get a job to get out because daycare is too expensive I would never make any money. If i just leave I have no where to go I would be homeless with 4 kids with no money. I think this is what he wanted the whole time to trap me and it worked. I have tried to fix the relationship it anent working. He tells people lies on me like he has to ask my permission for everything and its all a big front to make me look bad. So everybody feels bad for him and won't help me because up until a year ago I had no ideal he has been lying on me. He has been doing it for the past 10 years. I feel like i am so alone in this world except for my kids. 
justaboutdonewithit justaboutdonewithit
May 17, 2012