I Need Some Help

As i wrote in my earlier story i am in a sexless marriage. So.one day I decided to scratch a seven year itch. So I took a long hot sented bath, rubbed down with sented bath oils and put.on one of is old tee shirts. My husband looked at me laid next to me told me I made him hungry he got up and went and ate(not me). I asked y we didn't make love anymore. He stated that because I won't stimulate him analy (take two fingers and **** him in his *** while he's on his knees) *I don't understand*. then I won't ********** myself so he doesn't have to penetrate. Don't get it. I don't wanna have an affair. But I don't think I'll have a choice. Smh!!!!!!!!!
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i'll bang that hole for you hit me up.

Sweetheart, if he isn't going to ring your bell, go find a bell ringer. Tell him to go find a what ever that is that trips his trigger. If you have kids just lay it out to him how it is and how it will be until the kids get gone. Maybe someone will want you more than he does and turn into a real great thing. The worse that can happen at this point is you won't go find a bell ringer. Who is close to you and seems to be interested? Start there.

Your welcome. Contact me tomorrow! Thanks

Assuming he isn't a violent man, tell him straight out you need sex, and make sure he understands that you're at a point where you're not willing to live without it. If you feel like it, tell him you're desperate and you want to have an affair if he's not willing to take care of you. Ask him what he thinks about that. Don't ask if he's OK with it, or anything else - ask only what he thinks.<br />
If he says yes, you have freedom to try it and see. If he isn't sure, he's giving you the opportunity to take control of the situation. If he's against it, you have to make a difficult decision - but you're not far from that right now anyway.

I hate suggesting this idea, but I agree with the ones who say you should seek sex outside of your marriage. Your husband is very selfish and has no interest in your needs. You may not want to do it, but it may be the best option. If if causes your marriage to end, then it wasn't a very strong marriage anyway and you will be better off.

when your clothes become worn and tattered, your shoes no longer fit or have holes,one usually upgrades there wardrobe.<br />
each day we come to a crossroad where we must make a dissision. it is best not to wait for someone behind you to push you into the intersection so you have to make a hasty dissision. evaluate, choose the best style and fit, move on . you may even wish to try the new you look, before leaving the store.

For get him! Go get what you need.

I'm really glad I found someone else. We met for sex but became good friends and have lots of fun together.

Get yourself a big ******* ***** and **** him real good in the ***. My guess he is gay not because he wants you to finger his ******* but if i had a woman who did all those things and laid down. The only thing i would be dining on was your hot wet ***** doesn't make sense to me why he would go for food over you!!

Wow, I have to ask is this something he preferred most of time when you guys were involved with sex? This is not natural for most heterosexual males. You have to think whats up?