Is It Ok For A Husband To Have A Female Friend For Company?

I'm married. I'm not looking for an affair. My wife is great but very busy with lots of work/ hobby priorities. No children I work and play hard Im reasonably interesting I race cars and fly a plane. I miss female company and yes I'd love it to be my wife but no joy I would love a female friend to take out for dinner and just talk and talk. is this wrong? ... and where would I find her ( haha) I do have male friends but to really talk prefer female company is this possible without crossing 'the line' ?
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5 Responses May 19, 2012

Hi NorthwestUK :) I agree with other posts, be careful. Talking brings about comfort, trust, etc... the more you do this with another woman, the more it brings you closer to her and possibly build an emotional connection. From a woman's perspective (or mine) an emotional connection can be just as bad as a physical one...I would encourage you to go out with your wife, rent a hotel room, stay the night with all electronic devices turned off. Try to do it near water (if possible) and sit by the beach and just talk. Talk about - remember that time we . . . .I'll never forget when we . . . Do you remember that great meal at . . . Good luck...

Hi northwestuk, well a feel days ago i wanted find someone for just talk and talk, but i know maybe it is hard to find someone this way.....i´m married too but i feeling alone.<br />
i´m faithfull but feeling my heart empty....can you see? there are peolple feeling as you around the world. My husband isnt a romantic man but we to get on well together in our bussines.<br />
we live a convenient marriage. :´(

I really think it would turn into much more than talk and talk, no matter how much you convince yourself that this is all you want. I guess if your wife is okay with it...go for it.

Suppose you begin a platonic relationship with a woman. If the relationship grows, what will happen on that beautiful summer evening when you are both walking back to he car and she leans against you for warmth and other company? Will you kiss her goodnight sometime and wind up kissing her longer? The only thing more dangerous than beginning an relationship like this is the fact that your wife has left you lonely enough to feel you need this. If you haven't shared your thoughts with wifey, share them now. If things feel cool, this all may be a sign that you need a new woman more than you think.

It's ok as long as your wife is on board and you don't keep it a secret. If you have to lie about it it's already wrong.