de·sire 1. To wish or long for; want. 2. To express a wish for; request.

To me the word desire conjures up so much more than the definition above.
Although I do have a wish or a longing, my desire goes much deeper.
Like way down in my very soul, deeper.

I desire someone who can stimulate my mind and my body. I desire someone who gets me, through and through. I desire someone who can make me laugh effortlessly. I desire someone who can challenge me and make me a better person. I desire someone who desires me with intense passion and lust. I desire someone who is open minded and who can show me things about the world that I never knew existed. I desire someone who will tell me, yeah life can suck sometimes, but we're going to get through it together.
I desire the courage to just get up and leave my unhappy situation, and mostly I desire to not hurt anyone in that process.

I desire that I meet this man soon, if I haven't already.

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4 Responses May 19, 2012

When I found my to be wife she was all that you specify. She says I was the same to her. And yet, here I am.

You called?<br />

Was that an effortless laugh???


Well I like that you know what you want to a T.I am 100% sure you will meet your guy and you will be happy.Thanks for sharing this.

Sounds like a high bar. Excellent story =)