My Struggle For A Marriage Is Like Mission Impossible

The last time I saw my husband was on valentines day.He stays in the house we used to live in before my inlaws moved in.Two weeks ago he asked me for a divorce. Now hes calling me and acting like he did not mean it.I struggle with the thought of divorce because we were happy till the inlaws moved in.They caused so much havoc in our marriage that I was forced to move out.Now I wish he wouldve asked them to leave.we still talk but he is controlled by his family.i know he is unhappy he even says so.I hope one of these days he realizes I am important in his life.I am missing him so. If you read this please pray for him and me.Thank You!
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6 Responses May 22, 2012

I trust all will work out for him and then therefore for you. Outside influences can always upset the apple cart. Send the in-laws to a movie-move while they are gone and don't leave a forwarding address and then all will be well. ;-) I know that sounds like a good idea.

I will pray for you sweetheart. I am sorry this is happening to you. Maybe you and your husband could get a good therapist. She or he might be able to help. That way you won't be the bad guy. You will have a professional to give wisdom and insight on how to handle and resolve this nonsense.

I am also curious- why did they move in with you all to begin with? And why were *you* the one that left?

I am praying for you guys. This is a tragedy that should never have happened. I pray that your husband will get his priorities right.

Thank you. I dont live there.

Question why are your inlaws living with you two?? I have been put in between my parents and my wife at one time or another and i look at your ages and it's hard to go against your parents. But he needs to look at the big picture and stand up to them and let them know who he is with on this long jouney of life and that person should be you! They need to get their own life back in order and leave so you two can begin to patch things up. It sounds to me that you both still love each other he just needs to stand by you not them and make them understand it's not personal it's just the way it shoud be!