Married And Lonely

Is it normal for my husband to not want to have sex? Married 16 years and the laast year I have never ever felt as lonely as I do now. He has his times he is loveable but most of the time he is cold. IT was not like this before he always looked for me to have sex. A few days ago he said a comment that really hurt me and no matter how much he corrects it he made me feel bad. He said I dont beg nobody! So he reffered to me as a nobody. I feel so alone with no one to share this with bc to everyone out there we are A HAPPY COUPLE. Who are we kidding im not happy. He doesnt touch me, doesnt even kiss me in the mouth his excuse always I have bad breath or I drank beer and I have beer breathe. For once I wish he would kiss me all over make love to me like he has before. Im jut so alone now.
LonelyGLady32 LonelyGLady32
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

If he won't give it to you go get it where you can. Don't waste your life being sad.

Need to ask some questions the part where he said he won't beg nobody sounds like to me that he is the one who always initiate the sex in your marriage is that true? If it is i can see why the man is like he is after awhile this way get old you need to come on to your man in a sexy way and make things happen also! The breath part that is a easy fix brush your teeth before bed and if your out get some breath mints if he is not a drinker that can knock the spark out of things!!