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Me and my husband have been together for two years and there are now issues that either he is blinding himself to or just not wanting to deal with them. Our routine is the same everyday. Occasionally have sex...not near as often as I would like but perhaps that is normal. My stepdaughter has a lot of issues and everytime I try to talk to him about anything from what to do or not, I either get no answer at all or he says I don't know. I have experience with my own kids but they never had the issues that she does. I should be able to talk to my husband...have sex with him...yet I'm left to talk to the walls and take care of myself, if you know what I mean. He makes me out to be the bad guy and acts like there is no issue. I can't do everything on my own and I'm at my wits end. What do I do?
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Sorry... Being a step parent is a ***** and unruly step kids cause strife within a marriage. I'm in a similar situation for many more years then that. If you want to talk hit me up.

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Hang in there... One of the hardest things about a new marriage is turning the corner from "lust" which holds all of the excitment and energy of a new love to learning that really loveing someone is hard work, and takes a lot of action to show it.<br />
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Problably not what you want to hear. But i've been there too, and know it's discouraging. The best advice I recieved was "love her" (with a discourse on the word as an action, and not a feeling) and the explination that I was going to have to work at it.<br />
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This will be hard with his daughter as well, but the same could apply. <br />
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Beyond that, keep asking for support, becasue you need someone in your corner too.<br />
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Keep a smile on, you're beautiful.