My Lonesome Days Are Gone:

I use to have these feelings being lonely frustrated unloved unworthy. But now I have found a Life that is filled with Love and no more VOIDS. I now believe in Christ I have surrendered my life to Him. When I learned how to Love God first above everyone else my life was propelled. He taught me how to Love and be Loved, He taught me about forgiving others this all brought me full circle. Meaning ,my thoughts were on everyone else instead of myself. I learned instead of getting angry when someone offended me, God said to pray for that person. I was 52 before i started actually getting to know my wife of 41 years because I was so selfentered and had that, oh Im so lonely Im so unworthy nobody listens to me syndrom. Now I have my family and God that Knows and is there for me for every circumstance. People, explore God for yourself dont listen to the world find a Love like no other and PEACE. God is Love and Love wins He is worth it and so are you.
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2 Responses Jun 7, 2012

Desire does not make fact.

beautiful post. I agree that having a relationship with God can bring great changes to one's life :) I'm very happy for you. xo