Now What?

Well I was stupid. I was young and lonely and scared and wanted to be taken care of. I met my hubby online and only talked to him for a while before he came to see me. Our first visit and he asked me to marry him. I said yes! OMG!!! Anyway to make a long story short, I married for the wrong reasons and I have grown up allot since and we now have kids and we are so far apart. At least in my eyes we are. He drinks allot and is always on the computer playing his game. I know I am married but I feel single and very lonely. I do not have a job so I totally depend on him. I am trying to find work but the economy just sucks

Truth be told I am angry and hurt with him allot. But I also think he is a good person but we are just not compatible.
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A complete family, but there is no way to do it here. I would like to leave him, but I constantly think about everyone else and how I would be perceived rather than my own happiness. I feel lost and confused and miserable everyday.

Your story is so close to mine. The difference is I have a full time job and so does my husband. However neither of them pay that great and we depend on each other to live. Neither one of us can leave because we can't afford to. He drinks a lot and plays video games all day everyday when he isn't at work. We don't have any children but that's because we never have sex. I want kids and I want a good paying job, a house, a com

I know what you are going through. Its hard to walk on those eggshells. I wonder if he feels the way you do and is afraid to tell you as well?

I think what you should is keep looking for A job. Depending on someone is never easy if your not use to it. Then once u get the job, start saving money (i know its easier said then done) then start looking around for some place to live that match what u make. Even if You have too go into a shelter. You"ll get some help if you do decide to go into a shelter. Then the hard part is about to come up... leaving him. When you leave him.. actually leave him. Don't go back once you go forward.