Barely Hanging On

I just turned 46,(still look good)& today is my 23 rd anniversary & my 22 yr son has terminal cancer.
My husband managed to be gone on mothers day , my bday& our anniv.
I cant leave as I would loose my son & our Insurance
And I'm pretty sure I'm a virgin again. Lol

Loosin Loosin
2 Responses Jun 17, 2012

I'm really sorry to hear about your son and your marriage. I find myself constantely wanting passion and love like I was a teenager again. Are we really suppose to ignore that??

Sorry about your son, and your life. I lost my stepson 2 years ago to cystic fibtosls. Im no longer living with the woman i married, she says she loves me but complains about everything i do especially eork and money. Never satisfied. Eith ehat ee have to just complains about what ee dont have. Thats makes intimacy. Imposible for me, but i miss the affections of a warm loving touch. Good luck hang on for beter days