Still Barely Hanging On

Any advice for me? I have never been so lonely in my life. Today is my 23 anniversary & he never said a word. Obviously this will be my last. I have no one to talk to. It's very hard to keep going. I often wonder why should I go on. Is there anyone out there that understands?
And what is with men over 50 that turn into 22 yr olds ????
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After 23 years with my guy and a 14 year old daughter we haven't married. Both our parents divorced young so it has made us leary and obviously hesitant. Do I love him, yes but I am 38 years old and extremely lonely. He goes on vacations for long period of times with his friends and doesn't even ask me if I would like to go. We haven't been on vacation for over 7 years as a family. He has only taken us camping twice in our relationship. He never does anything with his daughter( well it is veryyy rare) he might take her to his grandmother's to visit once in a blue moon. Our second life has become routine and average to say the least. I am disgusted. Disgusted with my life, him, and myself. Where did my life go? Why aren't I trying harder? Truth be told, I am tired of it all and desperately need to feel desired, appreciated. I am tired of suffocating in my feelings. Tired of fighting,and tired of dying. I don't know where I am going,or even where I have been because apparently I was asleep over half of my life,in denial. I am not sure if I can go on living like this anymore. I feel suicidal at times. I feel guilty.....FOR WANTING.....A, LIFE! To be wanted,appreciated have some affection,affection,affection! I am going to die like this I can only hate myself for my dedications to him,I do not want this. :(

I do understand and you really seem to be at your wits end. May I suggest one thing that always helps me... at least for a while. Put your complete feelings about the situation down on paper. Sometimes we hear some one speaking but our mind is somewhere else. By putting your thoughts on paper you will have opportunity to select your words more carefully and review them to be sure you are expressing yourself in the best possble way. Also by putting your thoughts on paper it leaves very little room for misunderstanding. Your husband can have the benefit of reading and rereading and he will surely respond. You may even ask him to respond in like manner. Just remember, the responses will only be as precise as the questions asked. Let him know that you are hurting, and that you wish to improve the relationship.

Mines 36 acting as 20 so l get it. It's very lonely and unfair. I'll tell what l think as my advise is some what confused. Talk to him if he'll listen. But go have fun yourself go out get dressed up and go with friends. Let him see that your not waiting for him. He'll open his eyes!

I have had days like that.<br />
When I have been at the end of my rope, and wondered why I am in this thing.<br />
How is the silent treatment different than before?<br />
Did he use to talk more?<br />
Have you tried asking him why? Or telling him how it makes you feel?<br />
It is so hard to express ourselves without sounding like nagging sometimes.<br />
I have always been told to use the word on any more than the word you, so that the person I am talking to does not feel Like I am Only see what they are doing wrong. Saying I feel, Is something that cannot be Brushed aside.<br />
It is very possible that you are feeling 1 way and he is thinking Something completely different.<br />
But we don't read minds, so until it is talking about, how can we know?.<br />
<br />
I will be praying for you, this is not easy.

Well is time for u to have some fun !!!!