I Constintatly Feel Alone In My Marriage.

Ever since we moved to our new location I have felt depressed and alone everyday. I have told my husband this many times and even wrote him a few letters to tell him how I feel. He very rarely helps me with things around the house so I feel like a live in maid. I bring him food and cook every night and he never once thinks to do that for me just once. He forgot my birthday a few months ago and it made me feel as if I didn't matter to him anymore. Now when he comes home from work he falls asleep till dinner is ready then eats and goes back to sleep till I wake him up and tell him I'm going to bed. Then we go to sleep. If he is awake a little after work he usually watches tv or on the internet. I understand that he needs time to unwind after work but we never talk and on the weekends he usually doesn't want to do anything so we stay home. I live very far away from my family and I have yet to make any friends here so I feel alone and wonder if this is how our marriage is going to be the rest of my life.
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It sounds as if you are having a hard time adjusting to your move. You can not wait for him to give your life fun and adventure. Try some fantasy release at first (I would love to be your fanasty lover) it may turn up your desire and give you a spark. Try waering sexy clothes and less around him, this may be enough to give him his desire back for you. If it does not try a fling and make yourself happy, you are to young to not get the attenion you want and deserve!

don't mean to sound harsh, but yes it is. I thought it was just a rough patch when I was 24, I tried all sorts of things - he did NOT change at all. I did subtle things (so he wudn't think I was trying to control him) and I did obvious things. no clue, always forgets (convenient). etc. <br />
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no it won't. if you don't have kidz, leave asap. move in with ur aunt or mom until u can find a place on ur own. do it. trust me.