She Was Mechanically Inclined

The other day I was having issues with my car. I figured it was electrical due to the symptoms, it wouldn't start. After some monkeying around I boosted that battery up and had enough charge to get to the Auto hardware store. I walked in, saw a cute girl there about 5'6", she offered to help me right away. I told her, "I think I need a battery....not sure though....could be alternator?"

She told me "well how about we just go take a look at it?" She grabbed a small toolbox and walked around the counter. I saw her body then, it looked very cute as well, her hips nicely shaped also in her black pants. (melts)...and I smiled at her saying, "well sounds good thank you." She walked out with her tools and I followed.

After I popped up my hood she right away jumped into the battery area and starting checking cables, clearing away some grease etc. She pulled out a wrench and re-tightened the cables on the poles.

Then she took out her tester and tested it. As she did this I just watched and thought how hot it was, totally taking control, knowing what to do and just getting to the bottom of my car issue, it made me blush a bit feeling completely useless!

She said "it has to come out, just buy a new battery, then I can test for any other issues also." She left me with a small pair of pliers as she went to find the battery in her inventory. I tried gripping the damn bolt she had already tightened with her ratchet. It kept slipping off and I could not get it loose ha.

She returned and said, "whats the problem?" as she lightly chuckled/giggled? Something... I said,...."I can't get a good grip!" She pulled out her ratchet again and started sliding it over the bolt to loosen it. She gave a few good pushes and it got loose. By now I felt like at least trying to do something so I said, "here I can remove it..." She hesitated but then let me have the ratchet. As I loosened the bolts I jokingly said, "you're probably thinking, 'this guy NOW wants to help after I loosened the bolts :p' huh?" We both shared a brief laugh.

Long story short...she pulled the damn thing out after finding the battery faulty. I couldn't help but to admire her. She was intelligent, strong and very cute. *melts*

Maybe I need to replace something again in the future ^^
HusbandInTheBox HusbandInTheBox
26-30, M
Jul 5, 2012