What's The Point.

After being with my husband for sixteen years and the fire of our love being put out almost since the very beginning I am now asking myself "What's the point". I met my husband a couple of days after my eighteenth birthday. I had just had my first child, being a child. The father was never in the picture. When I met my husband he was so quiet and passive, I was turned on by that. It didn't take long for me to see that other women also liked that quality about him. He from the very beginning lied to me about the simplest things, you know things that needed not be lied about. He said he had a child, it sounded so believable. He said here was in a fraternity, all lies. I started hearing first from his roommates that he was cheating and then family, although I believed them I didn't want to take a chance just in case it was hear say. I started having strong feelings that he was cheating. It was the most painful feeling and I still until this day feel that way.I started hearing he was sleeping with my family members ....he would just say prove it.although I've had many suspicion over the years, they were verified in 2005 .He had been out of work for awhile. I told him to take on a job that he wasn't interested in. He had been working there a month and a half before the woman was calling my house and as much as I know that her calling was inappropriate I convinced myself I was being jealous, until I caught him on the phone all happy. I asked who he was talking to and he got very defensive. That night we talked and I asked. He lied, he said that they had been talking for a couple of weeks no sex involved. He left for work the next morning and didn't returned. I was so hurt. Words can't describe how I felt. I ended up in a psyc hospital for 3 days. He called before I was released only to tell me to stop playing."huh"! Is all I could think. Who plays having a breakdown? Needless to say he chose her and I still let him back into my life. The pain from that I was trying to get over until a few months ago ....same motive ...he had no job, I asked him how going back to school started. He liked the idea. I supported him the whole time, financially, emotionally in every way a spouse is supposed to. Helped with his homework. I forgot to mention early on that beside the child I had before him I had four children by him. He started talking to a 18 year old girl that lived in our townhomes and she went to the same school he went to. My money was coming up missing even though he had money that I gave him. The girl and I had a physical altercation. Long story short. She brought her father and other people to my home and her father beat my husband up. So this is why i ask "what for"?
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Girl...u r too good to put up with a liar and cheater. Ask yourself if this was ur best griefs story<br />
What would u say to her? Get out now before u spend. Another 16 years and wake up one<br />
Day only to realize u threw ur life away...and wonder if things could have been different had<br />
U grew a backbone and stood up for urself ..good luck

Thank you! I think about what you've said often. Get out while I'm still a little young before, I wake up and my whole life has passed me by. I have insecurities within myself that I need to work out.thnx.