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I have been in a relationship for twelve years. In the beginning I was the center of his attention and vise versa. Its been a long time since those days and now I just dont seem to exsist to him. I can pull every trick out of the hat, and nothing works. Like getting all dolled up and throwing myself at him. Or being so totally sexy and open to whatever he wants. He pretty much is always consumed with himself. TV is more important than me these days. I am a beautiful and sexy woman who has alot to give. At this point, I will keep my loving & passionate qualities inside. I will save it for the man who will appreciate me and what I have to give.
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I too am married but Lonely... I have been married for 23 years and although I love my wife very much it can go weeks without any sex...... Many times I long for peope to talk to..... I read your post and could relate in a wierd way... I wish that I was on a higher priority with my wife.... I wish that she would get all dolled up for me.... I wish she would were the lingeree once in a while... or throw her self too me.... I thought that problems like this were only common to guys.... Well I guess is what I am trying to say... Thanks for posting your story... although it is hard to deal with, it put a quirky smile on my face..... You can also believe me when I say... I hope that things get better.....

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I read your story, and completely understand how you feel. Being taken for granted is awful, and always seems to happen to nice people. Please read my stories and if you'd like someone to talk to, you can message me if you want to, ok?

I hope you find the man who will appreciate you. My girlfriend found one for her (that would be me).

Sounds like the time has come to look elsewhere....since you did not say you are married....best of luck to you!

But you have hope right?