Wanting More

So here it goes...... Lately I feel like I want more out of life, more out of my marriage. My husband loves me but our relationship struggles because he has no emotional IQ. Life has become just about chores, and I want more. Being parents doesn't mean we can't be people too. Having needs is normal but around here I'm made to feel that's being needy. Everybody wants love, affection, and attention. I want to make it in the list of priorities. I should start by putting myself first. I want passion, comfort and someone who appreciates who I am.
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4 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Your story is not uncommon at all. I was in the same situation not to long ago. I have been divorced now for just over 2 years. My ex is not a bad woman either. I am rediscovering the possibilities again. I feel free and re-energized. I am now 50 years old and hope to find a woman who enjoys passion, intimacy and building a strong emotional bond. I am excited about it.<br />
Taking the giant leap to end a marriage when you both know your marriage is just mediocre and realize that the flame had gone out a long time ago is tough no matter which way you slice it. Sure you still love each other like room mates. You have done the soul searching so If you want more out of life and want to light that flame again take that leap, you wont regret it.

You know, in some ways you sound like my wife. She has told me that I can be cold at times or have no emotions. When I look at things from my side, I feel like its me against the world. I protect her and take care of her needs and my familys. I feel that I need to be hard and if I give in to emotions it would be a weakness or I might just fall apart altogether. He may just be trying to hold himself together for you. Maybe he has a side to his behavior you don't understand.

I think most of us that belong to this group will agree with you and are wanting the same thing from our spouses.

Dnt wrry im here so no fear