Married, But Bored

I am married, but feels alone. It is complicated, because I think that I am the problem. I love my husband, but I never was overly physically attracted to him. He is a good guy, but most of the time we seem like just friends. We used to enjoy talking to each other, and that was sufficient for me. We are never too affectionate with each other, as we don't like public display of attention. In private, we are not too intimate with each other, as my husband has strong Catholic beliefs which prevents us from being intimate anytime we desire. We do have several children, but for some time now I feel like the little romance we had is gone, and our friendship is also fading. I feel as though, I am losing my mind. There are times I want my husband to be loving and affectionate, and there are other times I day dream of being with another man. Divorce is not an option, but I don't want to live a lonely life. I am a romantic person, and unfortuneately I am stuck with someone that I cannot enjoy a good romance with.
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Where do you live, maybe you need some xtra outside attention