My husband seems to help his jobless family more spends no time with me emotinally nor physicall y hes always to tiered to do anything for me or with me im starting to look at other men and feel good inside when they say something nice or polite to me i havent said a word to my husband in more than a week i find myself not missing him anymore i guess im just waiting on it to be over i want love i want to be held at night i would love to recieve a card on my birthday a romantic dinner on our anniversary even sitting here writting this im crying i guess what im in is a arrangement not a marriage i wanna feel like a women whos loved i dont wanna have to no longer walk off when i hear people talk about happiness or tear up when i see a man hug his wife or girlfriend in a store
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

talk to him about it. If he doesn't want to change then its time to let go.

I am sorry you are going through this; maybe you will feel better if you sit down, and talk with him to get things off your chest. If he don't change then you know you've done your part. I know its hard; but keep your head up and pray about it. Lots of hugs!

I'm sorry. Shore up your strength. There are a lot of women on E.P. facing the same situation. Do what's good for you, and reward yourself for your efforts at making yourself happy, even if no one else notices. And just because you see couples hugging doesn't mean there aren't other issues going on under all that. A relationship takes work, and it sounds like your husband isn't working on it too hard.