So Lonely In My Marriage

I met my husband in high school. We never spoke at all in school or outside of it ither. But about 3 yrs or so after high school I was working at a convience store and he came in and I was just blown away about how much he had changed. So, everytime he came in we talked. I was leaving a friends house one day and I was passing the store and I seen him pumping fuel I stopped in and I was a little bold and gave him my number. That night I went to his house and we haven't spent a night apart since that day and that has been almost 3 years ago.. The first year and a half was like a fairy tale. we ended up having a son he 13 months old now.. And he is the light of our eye. about a year ago is when I started to drift away. Now I feel like I am the only one in this marriage.. There is more to it then what I will say on here but, all I can say is. That he has changed so much. He is not the man I married or fell in love with. He is an amazing dad when he wants to be. But that is the thing "ONLY when he wants to be!!" I am so alone, I feel as if its only me and my son in this so called family.. He hardly plays with our son. He is so hateful and rude to me.. I do everything for him. I wait on him hand and foot. I feel like he don't appreciate anything I do for him AT ALL.. All he ever wants to do is go go go go go.. And when I want him to just stay at home and have a family day or night he gets like all crap here we go.. you know what I mean..?? It brakes my heart. He pretty much has shot my hopes and my dreams down.. If I am excited about something he shoots me down. He has got me to where I don't get excited about things anymore at all. In 3 years we have been on 5 dates.. On mothers day I didn't even get a card or a flower.. I didn't get a darn thing and it broke my heart cause it was my first mothers day and I didn't get a damn thing for it.. My feelings honestly are still hurt about it.. I know its dumb but its just the way I feel.. All around he is just an *** to me period.. I just need a good chat for once from somebody..
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Sorry I missed you earlier. I will be on and off today. I will be on a while later this evening