Officially Unsatisfied!

I wish my husband wasn't lazy bout our sex life..I had finally thought we made some progress..but once again I thought wrong..I love how he is too lazy to do certain things but I do everything for him and don't even get me started on how much shorter the sex is....officially unsatisfied!
mschloe2014 mschloe2014
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3 Responses Sep 22, 2012

*sigh* I long to find a place in my relationship where that was all I was worried about. I'm so unsatisfied in so many other ways than just that. When we first got together, and for such a long time we had such amazing sex... we connected physically, emotionally, spiritually so well... and so MUCH!

God I miss her... and she's right there in front of me every day...

Hey! Maybe we can trade spouses! :>)

You described my sex life with my wife quite well... I do everything for her... she just lays there silent and uninvolved. I'm also "Officially Unsatisfied".

Thanks for sharing your story. HUGS... :>)

Do you have any idea as to why your husband is so unsatisfying sexualy? Is he taking you for granted? Is thier another woman? Does he have low sex drive. You needto talk to him alghough it may be diffulcult He should know how you feel.