Irmartin Strikes Again

Well, in another 2 and a half months I can get the divorce going and then all I have to do is wait for conformation. Then I will be free. Why do we have to wait 6 months? What's all that crap about? My wife wants us to get back together and I say no way. Even with counseling and a promise too much has changed and things that need to change haven't. If I went back to her it would fall into the same old pattern and I would be miserable again. The only good thing about it would be I could be with my cat. I miss that cat. My wife and I still talk and her mom is floored by this. Since she had a bad divorce and my wife's 1st divorce was bad she thinks that we should be at each other's throats. We get along better since we agreed on the divorce and I like living alone. Of course, it's not really a stretch. She used to hibernate in the bedroom all day and I rarely saw her. Now, I do what I want and how I want to do it. Plus, since I moved back to Illinois I am only about 10 from my dad's and since he's 86 and in poor health it makes my sister happy because she can't be here all the time. She's an RN and works in administration. She knows what Dad needs. I see him once a week for supper and I do yard work and some maintenance for him. I need to have him over some time and I'll cook for him. I need to keep it low key. He has to watch his carbs and sugar intake...we both do. Well, that's all for now. i leave everyone these words of comfort. "If you're not happy you never will be until you make a change. That may mean divorce and starting over. The important thing is to not make the same mistakes." Bye for now and remember life may not be a bed of roses but at least you can avoid the thorns.
irmartin irmartin
Sep 24, 2012