What Is He Trying To Do To Me!?

I know what he's up too. All the sweet things he did and tried to do yesterday. Taking my car and washing it inside out, filling it up with gas. Then he wants me to make a grocery list so he can go shopping. Trying to get me to sleep in the bed. Trying to kiss me and "make love".
UHHHHGG!!! he is driving me crazy. Everytime things go really bad in our marriage and I want out he turns on the charm. I guess because it has always worked for him in the past he tried again. Only this time with no success. I held my ground and stood firm with him. I want out.
Maybe he can change, maybe he can be the man of my dreams. I just don't want to waste another 18 years finding out.
So I sat up all night thinking and and realized that I started a major battle by shooting down his efforts. Now is when more then ever I'm going to need a strong backbone.
Wish me luck..
baabes72 baabes72
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4 Responses Sep 24, 2012

Good Luck. Why is that when we summon the courage to leave they become the man we want. Where is that man the other 364 days?

Good luck!!! don't fall fo rthat, Im trying to do the same :(

Good Luck!

You can do it! you have to redefine the rules!