Unhappy Is No Way To Live..

So here goes my first post...in the beginning I was not a good person, I toyed with peoples hearts, lied, and cheated. That was until I thought I met my match. I thought for sure this was the one and was ready to surrender.when it fact I belive the Lord wanted me to take a good look in the mirror..I say this because she was JUST like me, I enjoyed her but she did me JUST like I had done others then vanished from my life. I ached for some time after being"played" and decided I did not want to cause that pain to anyone anymore.. I got closer to the word and out of thin air came my knight in shining armor. Consoling my heart with his tender promises, I looked at this man in a different light. Totally devoted we marry, have been just about two years now . I find myself praying about our marriage more than anything. Praying that he remembers his vows, praying that our family stays together, praying that I can be all that he wants. I'm really starting to think all my efforts are in vein because I feel so alone in my own house. We don't talk any more, sex is went down the drain also , it's like were roommates....I feel like I'm being held back from exploring my options because I don't want to disrespect my marriage..witch by the way he couldn't care less about. He works with women that he can't say no to, I've caught him messaging a women about working overtime with her because he had fun working with her....interrupted his bang bros subscrption email....it drives me crazy to think that I am not special, pretty, interesting, or sexual enough to keep his attention. We live in a small town away from friends/ family so I NEED SOMEBODY TO TALK TO!!!
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I'm so sorry this has happened. It's weird bc the person who broke your heart seems to have been your karma for all your wrong doing in the past and now it's questionable why this is happening with your husband. Have you talked to him about it?