The Blind Girl

i met this man and we starting talking more and more and we became friends, i found out he was married, i tried to stay away but i could not, he would call me night and day , buy me presents and was always there to help me , one day he told me he liked me and he told me i was hot and pretty and after that he kind of distanced himself from me now i dont know what to do i see him everyday we work together. what should ido?
prettygurl84 prettygurl84
6 Responses Sep 25, 2012

I think you should go with your feelings. You do know that he is married. He knows he is married. If he wants to jeopardize that it's on him. Now is it going to make you feel like an awful person? If not then why not? Now do not be surprised if he want you to be sneaky. Still can you handle it? Make your decision based on you.

honestly i can't answer that question , its just a feeling i get when we look at each other. i just wish i could get him off my mind , but remember we do work together so its kinda hard sometimes.i wonder why i do sometimes myself.

I agree but now it's just hard when i see him i dont know how to react.

I agree but now it's just hard when i see him i dont know how to react.

Back off and stay away from him. Find a new guy, unmarried and be friends with him. This will lead nowhere but to heartbreak for both of you and his wife.

He just wants a fling it sounds like. Something on the side, a little adventure and promiscuity. I'd avoid that. It sounds like he backed off, because you didn't jump at his advances. Any married man should be just married!!!