Thumbelina With A Botox

Thumbelina with a Botox

After 12 years of marriage and 2 kids, Thumbelina woke up to the alarm of her phone. Her prince was snoring right next to her. She gazed at him as she thought, was this her happily ever after?
She walked towards her dressing mirror and started checking herself out. She thought she could lose and inch or two but still looked quite fine.
Then she met her hazel/brown eyes in the mirror and started thinking about all the women living in her. It had taken her a while of soul searching, but she had made peace with herself in her 30s. She met all the little women living inside of her:
1. Mrs. Beetroot Soup: Her maternal side, caring and full of affection. Has so much to give.. . she believes in sacrifices, organic food, breastfeeding and couldn’t care less about how she looked. She could spend any day in shorts and a t-shirt and is prone to gain weight. She is an activist against dolphin slaughter and volunteers in several other charities. If Ms. Strategy and Ms. Monroe let her, she would have 2 more kids.
2. Ms. Strategy: The career woman living inside Thumbelina. She is a perfectionist, well-disciplined and a feminist. She dresses very sharply and is result orientated. She is quite dominating on the other little women; she will not let them make mistakes. She only eats salads and uses branded pens. She is quite content with her life.
3. Miss Monroe: She is pure femininity, perfumes, cosmetics, satin night gowns. She wants to be young and beautiful and is responsible for Thumbelina’s latest Botox experience at the dermatologist’s. She loves romance, but hates clichés. She broke up with a few guys in her teens when they gave her teddy bears as Valentine’s gifts. She is very warm and friendly, but can withdraw easily. She can have a diva attitude at times, and when she goes away, she goes away. If you ask Monroe, she is single, because Prince Charming drove her away long ago.
4. Ms. Vetty: She is full of desire, she is lust… She is a quiet but has a very strong personality. Could keep quiet for years and will come back stronger than she ever was. She doesn’t care for anything or anyone and just wants her needs to be filled. She never really dominated an era in Thumbelina’s life, but had been very dominant lately. Thumbelina is scared of her and finds her to be very unpredictable.
5. Mrs. Blue Octopus: She is an octopus because when she is there nobody else can be. She wraps everyone and everything around her and colors them blue. She is melancholia, sad and is very opinioned. Thumbelina was captured by her following her 4th miscarriage. Thumbelina is not too scared of Mrs. Blue Octopus as she beat him once.

Everybody falls out of love said her best friend once, you just need to learn pretending afterwards.
What happens after we fall out of love Thumbelina thought? How will I linger, get the energy for life? The flower that I bloomed in, will wilt slowly take me down with it as it dies she sobbed.

Would things be different if she chose Mr. Mole or Mrs. Toad’s ugly son?
Would life be more interesting in the dark tunnel of Mr. Mole, or with toad’s son in the Lilly pond?
Ms. Strategy and Mrs. Beetroot soup wouldn’t mind marrying him as long as they knew he could take care of them and be there.
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Such is the plight of middle age . Perhaps Thumbelina chose poorly! Marrying a man that frosts things ... He must certainly also have a cold heart.

talented writer

Coquette -

I can really relate to your "Multiple Personality" self-description...

Very cool!
- Steve/Jake/Alan

Why has Thumbelina accepted her fate when she has so many good women on her side.

You have to choose what is right.

A great description of yourself

Damn .. you're creative as hell!

I can so relate! You write so well it makes me see and feel things through you

I absolutely loved your story. You're really creative. It was like reading a fairy tale book.

I think I can relate with Thumbelina more that I'd like to admit. Well written.

I agree HaileyGail.

thanks enjoyed reading ,,well done

Cute and well written Thumbelina...a pure pleasure to read. I can see this as a children's illustration book. Just an idea.

The most delightfully written self assessment I've ever had the pleasure of coming across here...

thank you!

Very well written and thank you for writing this. You've given me a new perspective on women.

How true. A lovely story and beautifully told. Almost visual.

Great story!!!

Give Ms Monroe / Ms Vetty some breathing room *winks* and consider a torrid affair with this Pagan :)

Impressive deconstruction.

Dubaifairy: you wrote this great. A woman and mother always has to balance so much more than a man in deciding a course of action. I often have the regret of marrying too early, meeting my love after I married but, my kids send me into a happy place. I have been the characters you describe. Thanks so much