Sad And Lonely

Been with my husband 28 years - married for 25. He doesn't day he loves me unless I say it first .....too many things to mention. I feel unloved and unappreciated. Sex is just that -sex...not love making anymore. I'm hear for the kids but is this good for them? I don't want them to have a settle-for marriage. What can I do ....I need love and romance.
juicyfruit66 juicyfruit66
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5 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I will not say that you should leave him, that is your decision, but I will say that you should talk to him about making some changes because I am guessing that after so many years, you just fall into a routine. Maybe communication will make it better.

If you do plan on leaving him you do not have many alternitives.

hi, make sure that people are not the same... maybe he loves you but he never show up

Hi, I can imagine how it must feel...sometimes guys have issues expressing themselves...communicate with some activity alone...plan some time out...
or just go out alone and have some fum with the girls...make yourself feel desirable...hope this helps...take care...

Just show him this post. i think he will get the message.