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I have a story that I hope many of the people here can understand.I Had been married since few years.But there has been no physical intimacy between me and my wife since beginning.The problem is that for the outside world I am happily married but I only know what I am going through.I find it difficult to cope with this feeling as it is always coming to me.

It's ok for my wife as she don't need the physical intimacy.But in this so called moral society I think most of the people will tell me that it's ok even if she only loves me and don't want any physical intimacy.There is no one whom I can share my feelings with.I sometimes feel the need to just forget about what is rite and what is wrong and do what my soul wishes to do.I am basically a shy guy so also don't have many friends whom I can discuss all this with.Please suggest what are the best options for me as this is making me sick.
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I know how you feel,man.i feel as if my wife does not love me anymore.we seldom communicate.i even have not had an intimate moment with my wife since she gave birth to our daughter.i guess getting a hobby would help to perish any negative thoughts.

I am really feeling connected after meeting with you guys.

I really understand. Similar situation for me, but I'm a woman. It's a tough place to be and lonely, but my husband just truly doesn't seem able to connect much emotionally or sexually, and wasn't good at it before but even worse now after years. I've finally had to try to resign myself to it, and look elsewhere for connection. At this point, words of praise or spontaneous affection from him during the day would really bowl me over. Wish you the best...

It wasn't from the start for me, on the contrary - we were really good together. Bu things went wrong and I have stories posted about it, but I feel for you, because today, and for years now: I am nothing more in my own home than The Nerd on The Couch. There is sex once in a while, but very seldom. I wouldn't call it intimacy or lovemaking. It usually takes place only when I'm so lonely and frustrated and neglected and abused I'm ready to leave for good.
Is there no way to negotiate a compromise of any kind? Or perhaps an alternative? Make sure communication on these topics is very comfortable, empathetic, and clear, plain talk. If it doesn't turn up anything that you can work with, you may have no other choice to get your needs met other than by making your own choices on how to make that happen. I can only say, be sure you work within your own moral codes, and be as fair and clear as you can to her. You clearly love her, so she deserves that at the very least.

I know the feeling.

Thanks for understanding.Only few people can understand this situation I am in.

in my experience NO ONE understands unless you've been there

I absolutely agree to this.

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