No Touchy Love

I never in a million years thought I'd be writing to one of these forums. I'm just so overcome with a sense of loneliness that I needed to just spill my feelings out to someone.

I love my husband very much and he adores me. Yet we're more like roommates than husband and wife. I was just out of town for two days and received wonderful lovey-dovey text messages from him but when I got home I had to actually ask for a kiss. We sat cuddling a bit and then he said he needed to go to bed - had a long day for tomorrow. That we would continue our cuddling tomorrow morning ... I know that won't happen.

I felt so was almost like all of his text messages weren't genuine. Mine were but I just don't understand.... We' re an older couple (57 & 63) and yes, certain medication we take suppresses sexual desires. It's hard to "fix" because the desire just isn't there. His is less than mine. I still yearn to feel his arms around me and maybe just get some of those wonderful hugs and kisses but he just doesn't ... How I wish I could change it. We're both active and not always in the same direction. I have events and he has his events that do keep us busy. He used to invite me to all of his, but now that has almost stopped completely.

We don't want a divorce or anything, but in the meantime I'm so miserable. I only want to be in his arms - sex isn't even that important but I do need at least the human touch --- his touch. He knows that 's what I need - we've had the discussion... I would hate to think that the rest of my life would be longing for his touch...
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

You say he adores you.
You also say that you need his touch.

So either he doesn't adore you, or he doesn't understand you really need his hugs so much. Tell him clearly, men don't understand hints, I know it might sound unromantic but if you tell him 'I need your hugs, if you love me please hug me very often, I hope you like it' he should understand :)