Nice Guy But Super Boring And Workaholic

Ok, so I googled "married and lonely". Here I am. I have been married for 21 years and have been ignored for 20 of those years. We have kids, all still at home . He does not hear me and never has a happy moment unless his favorite sports team wins. Lately he tries to spend time with me but it is very short periods of time and when out with others he is always "too tired" and leaves hours before I do. He will get called into work after saying he is just too tired to go out or spend time with me and he will go into work. You may think he is a cheater but he is not. I have followed him, and have had him followed and he is really working. He is boring and I have become more and more depressed. That is my story. I really like him as a person but we are like brother and sister rather than a married couple.
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you might've seen my previous comment. i needed to edit it. what i was trying to say was, my marriage is boring too. i also did the following thing too. i needed to see if cheating was going on. it wasn't. i was looking for a reason to leave. but that didn't happen. our kids are still home. nothing is interesting anymore. dating part was way better. so bored of not having anything to talk about. yes its ok to talk about our kids but come on... i love our family but where are the people who could talk about anything. where are the people who could do anything without a time limit because of work. i don't have a time limit and its frustrating and depressing.

Would you be willing to try a Relationship and see if that would help out sounds like you need to be held, kissed, and truly loved.

I know the feeling. It is hard especially when you want to be faithful and feel love and happiness also. I definitely know the feeling.