Temporary Sexless Marriage

I am married but presently lonely. My husband is away for a couple of months attending a course. Due to my job I cannot join him though I desperately need his company. I have always been active sexually. Enjoying sex at least 3 times a week (if not daily) has been normal. Now I have not had it for the last two and half months. We both are very frank and love each other sincerely. My husband has been visiting other places, but for a short period. He knows my sex appetite therefore purchased for me some sex toys to use when needed.
About three weeks after his departure, we were talking, as we do every night, and telling each other how are we disturbed for not meeting the sex requirement. I, knowing the stress, suggested him to find a gf to enjoy sex, provided it was temporary arrangement. He was surprised as no wife can afford to allow her husband to engage in such activities. I sincerely wanted to see him mentally and sexually satisfied.
The next night, he took up the subject asking if I was serious in my suggestion? I was affirmative. He was equally sensitive about my sexual desire, realizing that I could not live happily without sex. He was surprisingly generous when repeated my suggestion that I too may find a sex partner for the period he (husband) was away.
We both discussed the suggestion at length and finally agreed that instead of cheating on each other we should satisfy ourselves trusting other,
Next night he phoned me telling how satisfied and happy he was, as he had had int***** with a course participant. He again stressed me to find sex partner. I too was desperately in need of a man, as sex toys, ****** and vibrators were not alternate to man's hot, throbbing and rock-like flesh. More so, you cannot enjoy sucking plastic tool which has no natural juice to wet your mouth, boobs, pu**y, hands, etc. Also embracing warm naked body is really fantastic.
Now I am fully satisfied with my sex life. My sex partner is great. He knows that ours is a temporary union. I have told my husband about him. We tell each other how do we engage with sex partners, various poses, adventures and fu***g style.
Outside marriage sex relations may not be good but once you take your spouse into confidence, it is marvelous because it does not involve cheating.
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4 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Whatever you do as long as you are open and honest with your partner it is ok

That is a great story! I'm a married male, but I get left Home Alone fairly often. I have not gone out in the world to find me a substitute sex partner, but I have engaged in sexy chat and webcamming. I love it, and I find it much more satisfying to "share the experience" that way, rather than hidin' out in my room all by myself. If any fems feel the same way, feel free to send me a message. Again, thanks for the story.

Falls in the category of shared experiences in my book. Great you have that openess and communication. and ..TRUST. Not many have that.

Would you care to include me too ???