My Marriage Is Falling Apart

15 years married, 4 beautiful children. Three years ago I got my first job, I started feeling that I could do things on my own and for myself..independent I could say. My husband started slacking and then stopped working. I had to be the bread winner now plus I still had to do everything that I did when I wasn't working for the kids, home, and husband. It started to become to overwhelming for me. I would tell my husband to go to work and he would just ignore me and lay there all day. So I be at work all day and he started getting jealous because by the time I get to bed I would be tired and wouldn't want to be intimate and he would say I was cheating....I got tired of it, we would start arguieng and it lead to a lot of bad words said that we would both regret and we would say sorry to each other and it would happen over and over. So the last three years have been a roller coaster and these last couple days things have been said that should not ever come out of a husband and wife. We have said so many times by now that both of us don't care if we hurt each other. The respect is no longer there. We have our kids hearing us and it's not fair to them. Sometimes I feel I know I'm still with my husband because of our kids and I don't want them to hate us for we are putting them through the unhappiness that is ours. He says he feels my love for him left a long time ago....sometimes my feelings change for him..I don't know what to do...I don't have my sister ( rip), dont have any close friends...that's why I write things down on paper and then crumble it up, but maybe I want someone to talk to or relate what I'm going through.
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

wish we could be friends would love to share things with you hun

wish I could say its easy but I'm honest so this is a hard time I know doing it my self just the w is at home stay strong need to vent email me I will listen and understand and help if you want my help God bless you and wish you the best