Same As Everyone Else

Husband has severe spinal disease awaiting major surgery
Heart condition
Uncontrolable spontaneous epilepsy
Hip dysplastia (needs resetting during spinal surgery)
Rhumatoid of the lower back muscles

All of this at he age of almost 33. This means he spends alot of time in bed or asleep on the sofa and struggles doing the most simple tasks as they all drain his energy extremly quickly. At 22 (yes i no there is an age difference but it works for us) Im left doing everything possible for him on top of having problems myself, caring for a parent and trying to cope with the stress within my family.

I guess the reason I have shared this short story is just to show that I know what itis like and how hard it is for people out there to care for seriously ill people and what it feels like to be left feeling so alone when your surrounded by people.

rachybabe1990 rachybabe1990
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3 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Hi Rachy. So sad to have to go through so much so young. Add me as a friend if you like, it may help to talk :-) Take care.

Thanks everyone, most of his illness is cureable but puts a major risk on his life but is worth it in the long run x

can we be friends Rachy

added hun x

thanx babe

you r a brave girl, I must appreciate your commitment to your duties... God Bless

you do and sacrifice what you have to for the ones you love. one day they do the same for you. theres more than me thats in the same boat x

I know ...and hope your worries are sorted out soon, hope he gets cured and you guys enjoy your life in full spree...