Why do I bother, my husband has now made it clear that he can't give up the woman he has been secretly chatting to on EP for the last 6 months and has fallen in love with her.

I can't fight anymore, She has won so I may as well be alone now for the rest of my life.

I feel so hurt and lonely, I never thought my marriage and my life would end in this way.

My children are heartbroken and he still can't give her up.
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

If he's willing to lose you over some person he's chatting to online, it's not your problem. Your heart shouldn't be hurting, and your children should realize how stupid he is, too. My father-in-law left his wife and children over some "online love" and is now stuck with a psycho for the rest of his life. (He's afraid to leave her because of how crazy she is). My mother-in-law created a much better life for herself, took care of her kids, found love, and passed away a very happy person. I know that might not sound all that positive right now, but it really was the most wonderful thing that happened to her.

You and your children deserve so much more. Yes it sucks that it has to end this way but I guarantee he'll be the one hurt in the end. Be strong!