Frustrated Is Not The Word For It!

I am a very lonely housewife and I HATE it! My husband works a lot but when he is home he is so far lost in his computer I might as well not exist (other than making dinner and washing clothes)! I hate it! I do everything in the world for him but I am so tired of being lonely! I am to the point that I will make any excuse to get out of the house, just to talk to random people at the store or school events. And now I am on here were I am not the only lonely housewife and people can relate :)
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I am 31 year old guy and in the same boat, hopefully it works out for both of us.

This sounds exactly like my story, but I am a house husband if you will, I feel more like a slave or maid most of the time.

Not true! Let me introduce myself... I am lonely girl 2! I feel you are telling my story. I have two children with this man and the past 5 years I have been a single mom. At least, that is how I feel. We do not communicate anymore and it has become a war between us. I really do not have anyone to talk to and right now I am going through some heavy stuff and I feel like he is just going through motions without really thinking about the consequences of his behavior.
You can speak to me, we can help each other.

Hey Lonely are not alone my friend, trust me. Sad to see so many married people out there who are "lonely", when part of being married is companionship. I never felt "alone" when I was singel...strange...

If you ever need someone to talk too just send me a message, I too am married and lonely.

Hey in same boat here my wife is around but we just don't connect. We have two great kids and I will not divorce. I'm so lonely at time and really can not talk to anyone. We still love each other too ,but just seem separate. To make things worse I know she has a lover she sees occasionally which I really don't care except that we hardly are intimate ourselfs. We seem like friends and roommates not husband and wife. We've been together since we were 17 that's why I thought If she had another man just for fun maybe she would stick around I do not want a divorce just maybe a woman's point of view and a friend.

Tell him what your needs are !! also picking up new hobbies helps keep you sane.

I don't tell him anymore. In the past when I would tell him I need him, need his affection, him to talk to me. He would get mad and in my face doing everything thing possible to aggravate me just saying " you want my attention, I'm here, is this what you wanted!" He would continental till I got mad then he would go back to his computer. I JUST DONT KNOW ANYMORE!

I m sorry, ,,,,,,

My stepmother gave my stepsister some insight. My stepsister stay at home mother. Her husband worked 12-16hrs a day would come home eat and go to sleep because he was so exhausted from trying to provide for his family. My stepmother said to my stepsister "well when you know he might be getting home, have the children already fed and put in bed (depending on age hers were under the age of 4). Make sure the house is straightened up. Fix a nice meal for you two. Dress nice, fix your hair and put on a little makeup. Make it like a date nite at home. Make it all about him and you." Hopefully this will help you two connect. Or send him a spicy e-mail or text message to get things going. Good Luck to you.

i felt that way. i still do. i love my man but i got to also love myself by taking care of me too. my first step began after i got a job. my man started to see that i needed to be more than a lonely housewife. i loved helping people and seeing how much they appreciated it. felt nice. i don't know what first step you need to take but take care of you.

I am married and alone, many times I wonder which is worse to be lonely with someone or just alone.

i know that thought process :( I still love him but I know I can do it without him. This is both of our second marriages and I was perfectly happy before him I just got caught up in the lust and that dam love bug got me! Just never thought it would get to the point of having to sneak away just to talk to someone.

You can message me anytime you want and maybe help you feel not so lonely.

Maybe it comes with the territory of being married lol. Coming on here is putting me off for life! Just hang in there and enjoy talking to as many random strangers as you want to. I do and its fun :-)

Always sorry to read posts like this. Hope you can work it out.

I hope so, I do love him just so lonely and isolated.......

It's frustrating when other aspects of life seem to take precedence, when intimacy and connection are secondary to the "important" aspects of the day.

I just don't understand how his computer can consume so much. work I understand we got to make a living but he barely says anything and when I talk to him he doesn't hear me or just ignores me.

We have a way of ignoring what is right in front of us sometimes...

Yes I can relate its like when I Oppsite when get off work and come home its like I am not even there when I go threw the door.She is caught up in her little world so I end up here looking for someone to text and chat with since there is a lack of a lot of things at home!!

I get it!! Im usually on Facebook but now I will probably be on here!

What is the reason to get married anyway? perhaps tax relief? Just to much greif associated with that entire experience.

Very true