I'm Married But Lonely

I'm married, but feel so lonely, I have two beautiful kids and obviously even thought I love them with all my heart I don't feel I have that adult image you need next to you. My husband goes to work and I don't talk to him much because every time we talk, the conversation turns into an argument, he goes out twice a week with his friends and I once every 4 months or so, I'm always with the kids, It's frustrating, I spend every Friday here at home feeling so alone. I have asked him several times to get separated, but he says that's not an option, and I haven't got the courage to do it because my kids adore their dad, and after 16 years of being married I think I still love him.what should I do? I'm using this chat because I'm so embarrassed to tell any of my relatives what is going on, they all think he's a perfect guy!
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Same situation here, two kids and a husband that either works all the time or was going out with his friends. I say was because that has changed. The men he was going out with were single and I discovered a few months back, that it wasnt always just hanging with the fella, he had met someone. Someone with no kids and was career driven like him and liked to go out and have a good time, which i would love to do with him, but you know the 2 kid thing? Anyway after I found out went a little nuts. ha! Threatened divorce, well not a threat was really going to do it, He was put out of my house. Long story short, my kids adore and love him and he them. After only 1 night apart, mind you we have nvr spent a nite apart for 7 yrs, He begged me not to leave him, cut all contact with that woman, told me he was taking me for granted and sometimes you don't realize what you have till you are facing losing it. Don't get me wrong its been a struggle, I know all to well about those arguementents you talk about. Things are kind of falling back to old habits as far as working all the time, not alot of attention, but i am able to get ahold of him whenever I want, no more going out, actually no contact with them guys at all, but he still comes home opens his laptop and straight back to work. I only get the attention right b4 bed at that time, if you know what i mean. But i do, voice my opinion now. I tell him when hes neglected me, doesnt always work but its getting a little bttr. I still love my husband too and I want to fight to make it work. Whatever you descide, good luck and your not alone. If you ever need to talk, you know where you can reach me.