Lonely Husband(it Would Be Nice To Have Someone I Can Text & Chat With

I hate feeling like we are just roomates. Time use to not go fast enuff when I was away from her now I really hardly ever geel that way. We really don't talk just sit there both staring at the t.v. I can for get about sex its been 7 monthes now. It would be nice to have another woman just to chat and text with during the day or night just to pick each others brains,share thoughts and anything esle.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Please don't do this. My husband did and it created so much pain and heartache. My teenage daughters became suspicious of his behavior and checked his phone. Needless to say, things were never the same. Talk to your wife, reach out to her, anything, but don't do something that you will regret.

Bad idea... Do you love her? Maybe you should tell her how you feel.
Men stop expressing their feelings and sometimes women just accept it because we think you are happy and if you wanted something you would say it. We sometimes expect men to have the control. She would probably be hurt by this. I think you should care enough to talk to her not talk to someone outside of the marriage. Maybe she's going through menopause lol you never know. Maybe she needs some romance. Texting and
Chatting may lead to cheating for a man who's needs are not being met.