Distance Building Between Me And My Wife

I have been married for 4.5 years and we have been together for 8. My wife has a lot of emotional baggage. She was sexually abused when she was 12 and sexually assaulted in college. Dealing with this has not been easy for her and I took the brunt of a lot of things that she projected on to me as she dealt with these issues in therapy.

It was very, very hard at the time (we were still just dating) but I stuck around for some reason and we got through it and things got better. Just over a year ago, she was pregnant with our first child. She became so depressed that she needed to be hospitalized for a time.

When the hospitalization happened, my mom was also very ill and I shut down emotionally because I was so overloaded. As I dealt with my mom's sickness and eventual death, I became aware of how much I pushed away my wife. Now, a year after her hospitalization, I am beginning to realize that i harbor a lot of anger and disappointment over what happened.

I am starting to wonder if I reached my emotional limit with her as we keep growing further and further apart at a slow pace.
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1 Response Jan 29, 2013

I would do your best to get an open line of communication about how the both of you are feeling and be honest with each other. Depression and sex abuse are tough. I was a victim of both but I recovered because I wanted to. Hopefully your wife can understand all you have done for her as it seems you understand all she has been through. Hope this helps.