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Commited &Amp; Married, But SO Lonely!

First, I want to say that after over 18 years 2gethr, Im still madly in love w/my husband! Shortly aftr we 1st married, I became legally disabled. (Iv had 3 back surgeries, resulting in 6screws, 4cages, & 2rods n my spine) Bt now, we sleep in seperate rooms (he claims its bc he snores so loudly, he's try'n 2b respectful 2me) Which, honestly is in his character 2b considerate 2me. But I cant evn rembr the last X we made love. Im fearful he may b hav'n anthr affair. He's SO good 2me n so mny othr ways, Im jst not sure what, if nethng, I shld do. Bt like I sd, Im jst SO lonely!
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You have been together for a long time. Make him happy and he will return the effort. Talk to him about satisfaction. When a disability gets in the way of mutual satisfaction, consider what is important. The answer is your relationship. It may not be all bad if he has found physical release with another. Talk to him, tell him you understand and forgive. Release him from the guilt, sadness and embarrassment. This will allow your bond to grow stronger. Plan where you wish to take it from there. I know this first hand having parents that went throught the same cycle. Best of luck.

I understand how you feel. I'm not disabled but hubby is. I feel so bad for him a I try to take talk to him like we used to but it's not the same怂we also sleep in seperste room. I'm lonely and I know he is for sure. I feel guilty wen I go out to have fun. Been with him for 19 yrs and and he became disabled 4 yrs into our marriage. If you ever need to talk I'm here - pam

Hi, kajfosz1! Tu, SO MUCH, 4ur respons!...Sounds like perhps u cld giv me sum gr8 insite frm the "othr perspectiv!" I dont get online 2oftn, bt I wld welcome nethng UR perspectiv mite offr me! (Of course, w/the greatest of respect, Im ask'n this:) I'll respnd, jst as soon as Im abl!...Agn, TU, 4taking the X 2respond! On behalf of thos who r dependant on our most loved 1n's, I deeply tu! As Im sure ur hubby does, as well!!

Idk if I did this right (Im internet "illite!) Bt I wld LOVE 2 "pick ur brain" on this subject.

Sry, Im intern8 "illiter8". Wld LOVE 2talk w/sum1 whom understands what its like 2b disabled!