Commited &Amp; Married, But SO Lonely!

First, I want to say that after over 18 years 2gethr, Im still madly in love w/my husband! Shortly aftr we 1st married, I became legally disabled. (Iv had 3 back surgeries, resulting in 6screws, 4cages, & 2rods n my spine) Bt now, we sleep in seperate rooms (he claims its bc he snores so loudly, he's try'n 2b respectful 2me) Which, honestly is in his character 2b considerate 2me. But I cant evn rembr the last X we made love. Im fearful he may b hav'n anthr affair. He's SO good 2me n so mny othr ways, Im jst not sure what, if nethng, I shld do. Bt like I sd, Im jst SO lonely!
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I understand how you feel. I'm not disabled but hubby is. I feel so bad for him a I try to take talk to him like we used to but it's not the same怂we also sleep in seperste room. I'm lonely and I know he is for sure. I feel guilty wen I go out to have fun. Been with him for 19 yrs and and he became disabled 4 yrs into our marriage. If you ever need to talk I'm here - pam

Hi, kajfosz1! Tu, SO MUCH, 4ur respons!...Sounds like perhps u cld giv me sum gr8 insite frm the "othr perspectiv!" I dont get online 2oftn, bt I wld welcome nethng UR perspectiv mite offr me! (Of course, w/the greatest of respect, Im ask'n this:) I'll respnd, jst as soon as Im abl!...Agn, TU, 4taking the X 2respond! On behalf of thos who r dependant on our most loved 1n's, I deeply tu! As Im sure ur hubby does, as well!!

Idk if I did this right (Im internet "illite!) Bt I wld LOVE 2 "pick ur brain" on this subject.

Sry, Im intern8 "illiter8". Wld LOVE 2talk w/sum1 whom understands what its like 2b disabled!